Clear Start Foaming Wash


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Dermalogica’s Clear Start breakout fighting Foaming Wash clears away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and can cause breakouts. Use on the face, back, neck … wherever skin requires deep cleaning and pore clearing for fewer future breakouts.


  • Salicylic Acid swooshes deep into your pores & clears dead skin cells and trapped oils to help wipe out existing and future breakouts.
  • Developed with 8 botanicals including Tea Tree, Lavender and Camellia Sinensis, known to gently soothe and calm irritated skin.
  • Orange Peel Extract revives, energizes and refreshes.

Directions for use: Use morning and night. Lather a small amount in damp hands, then massage over face, neck, chest or anywhere you want to wipe out dirt and breakouts. Keep away from your eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


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