Skin Tag Removal

What are skin tags?

Skin Tags are small soft skin growths that hang off the skin and are connected to underlying skin by a thin stalk.

They are very common, harmless and can vary in colour and size.

What is the cost of treatment?

Depending on the amount and size of skin tags to be treated, the cost is €100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin tags are believed to develop due to friction between skin or clothing. Although they can occur anywhere on the body most common areas for skin tags include underarms, upper chest and neck.

Skin tags can be removed by a number of ways but the most recommended way is by cauterization.

During the cauterization procedure we use a special machine and a sterile disposable needle that heats the skin tag breaking down the skin cells and cutting off the blood supply, this ensures that very little damage and allows for faster healing.

You may experience a heat sensation and mild discomfort.

Keep the area clean and dry for several days. A special medicated aftercare cream will be given for you to apply.

Most skin tags are removed in 1 or 2 treatments.

Depending on the amount of skin tags to be treated, it can take 10 to 30 minutes.

We cannot remove skin tags from close to the eye, the lips or genitals.  This treatment is only available to over 18’s.

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